Once enrolled and a credit limit is set you can access credit using any of the three methods below
1. Online using app.cardpesa.com
2. WhatsApp application
3. USSD code *217*260#
You can therefore access credit or make repayments 24 hours a day at anytime of your convenience as our platforms are fully automated with real-time responsiveness.
All Card Pesa operations are fully digitized and all interactions are recorded both audio and in writing. There is always a record of every interaction with us or the platform. Therefore all transactions with us are referenceable and traceable.
In a world where speed and a record of transactions matter , we are the partner to work with as everything being digitised can be used for reference for any future dealings and is authenticated by third party providers through whom we provide our services.
All Card Pesa transactions are digital and require two-step authentication.
We provide members with individual PINs which they can update independently to use the platform that are only known to them.
All wallets to which we send funds or bank accounts to which funds are deposited after authentication require independent PIN’s and further authorisation for funds to be utilised which should provide comfort to the user of the safety and security of using our platform.

Simple enough. Let’s get you signed up.