Card Pesa is a digital micro-lender which uses online and cellular  platforms to provide small working capital and emergency loans to our members who carry our membership card

Our philosophy is to provide credit to the layman in a convenient fast and economical way based on credit limits dictated by the members earning capacity.

Where ever you are

The Card Pesa platform is built to use USSD and online applications to deliver credit to you where ever you are for as long as you can connect to a telecom network. It is automated and therefore service times from the point you request for credit to the point you receive the credit is a matter of seconds.

Directly to your card

With the Phoenix in hand, some credit transactions especially with registered merchants will be digitalised. When merchants sign up to supply credit to our members all that will be required is for them to scan your card, you confirm using a code and credit will be extended to you.

It’s Fast and Secure

All Card Pesa transactions are digital and require two-step authentication. We provide members with individual PINs which they can update independently to use the platform. All transactions from the mobile wallet are PIN authorised. This ensures that only the authorised users can access the platform.

Card Pesa is a registered trading name for Discount Cards Limited. A registered money lender regulated by the Uganda Micro Finance Regulatory Authority.

To register on our platform please contact us on WhatsApp on +256 392 178 676 or fill our online form on our sign-up page and our customer service team will walk you through the process

Card Pesa’s mission is to harness the power of electronic platforms in a bid to solve the financial challenges of the ordinary person through the use of appropriate technology within the reach of the majority of the local population.

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