Please read through before continuing to the form.
To get you started we ask all those who would like to be on our platform to fill the form below.
This form tells about who you are and gives us 3 independent references that we can follow up with to confirm that what you are telling us is true.
Please note that as soon as you complete the form an automated sms or message will be sent to each of your references alerting them that they have been given as references and that they will be contacted to verify the information you provide. We will also send you an sms informing you that we will revert to you within 48 hours.
Be advised that the enrollment process seeks to determine whether one can contract, what ones social links are and whether one has demonstrable current or future income streams from which they will be able to transact with us.
As a Licensed and Accredited Financial Institution we provide information to the Credit Reference Bureau(CRB) in line with our regulatory guidelines therefore all information provided to us for enrollment and obtained after enrollment may be forwarded to the CRB when trying to establish your credibility prior to enrollment or when enrolled and using the service.
If that isn’t easy to establish from the information provided or the data provided isn’t complete, we do not enroll you onto the platform and will not allow you to subscribe.
Also note, we only ask for the information to vet and determine whether you meet our regulatory threshold to transact with you.
All phone calls from Card Pesa made to verify information provided in the forms to references as well as day to day communication with clients and prospective clients are recorded for compliance purposes and are stored for our record. Our data retention policy is in line with Data Protection and Privacy Act 2019 of the Laws of Uganda.
Lastly the completion of the enrollment form in and of itself does not necessarily mean that we will enroll you and the discretion of whether you meet our regulatory threshold is determined solely by us and is in line with our interpretation of the requisite governing legislation of our industry in the jurisdiction in which we operate.

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