The Card Pesa Platform is designed to offer credit to the ordinary person without recourse to collateral.
It does this by trying to ascertain three major attributes of an individual client before enrollment
1. The prospective client is an actual person who can legally contract.
2. That the person is engaged in demonstrable economic activity from which they derive income.
3. The person is known in the community in which they reside with three seperate and independent references.
The references provided during enrollment should be able to demonstrate that they know the client enrolling and can confirm the information provided to us when contacted.
They should also be able to vouch for the credibility of the client to the best of their knowledge and agree to be called on for further verification and follow-up if required.
Card Pesa enrollment introduces the client to a host of digital financial services that include but are not limited to the following:
  • digital(online) credit card
  • buy-now-pay-later through associated and participating merchants
  • pay bill functionality for utilities
  • access to micro insurance and other digital products and services
  • networking and financial literacy training opportunities through online collaboration between merchant and client base
  • Simple enough. Let’s get you signed up.