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Card Pesa
"The Cake Lady" the Ethos of Card Pesa.

If you want to understand how we evaluate persons to provide our credit it comes down to the simple Cake Lady principle.

Which simply stated is we fund the extra ingredients that allows one to earn more. Illustrated as follows.

A bakery has an oven that can produce 4 cakes at a go and the owner (baker) has everything else setup but can only fund ingredients for 3 cakes.

What we as Card Pesa aim at is to provide the funds (working capital) that allows the bakery to make 4 cakes instead of 3 and in so doing earn more revenue by serving more customers than they would have otherwise done.

So our role in determination of how much credit to provide is about looking for the tell tale sign that you are a bakery, you can bake the cakes, you have the infrastructure and all you need is just ingredients to earn more.

That is the quintessential meaning of "We fund your hustle"

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Card Pesa
Card Pesa
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Grateful to HiPipo for the opportunity to get our story out there.

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Card Pesa
Card Pesa
Card Pesa
We strive to understand our clients who hustle to raise their earnings.

That's what we mean when we say we Fund your Hustle

We fund you as you are not based on foreign concepts but by the dictates of our local environment to meet your need in the most convenient way where you are.

We take this commitment seriously so try us by sign up early @

It will make the difference
Card Pesa
Card Pesa
What it really means to Fund someone's Hustle

We at Card Pesa are not your run of the mill short term credit providers whose only interest is to make a return on the money we lend.

Ours is a more grand vision.

We are cognisant that more than 80% of our population are below the age of 30. This age demographic is the most productive in terms of energy and ability to start the nation on the path to prosperity but because many if not most do not possess assets that can be held as collateral they spend their time working (mostly underemployed) to save up some money to get assets that they would then use to present as collateral

As Card Pesa we are not interested in the collateral. We believe that the digital footprint of your economic transactions will provide the future basis of the credit you will have access to and not the collateral you will have.

We therefore value proof of enterprise more than anything you can provide as collateral as the basis of our lending.

Like most of Africa Leapfrogged the use of landlines and went straight to mobile phones in the telecommunications industry. We will also build our financial systems to leapfrog the use of collateral as a major factor in the provision of credit.

We are betting on a digital future and therefore lending digitally. We are not afraid of making a few mistakes in the persons we lend and thus our risk appetite is above the average therefore we will give anyone who meets our basic criteria for enrollment a chance to prove their credibility by providing them the ability to access and use our platform.

We therefore ask anyone who may have a Hustle that may need support to try us. Our vision is to grow through the growth of our customers.

Sign Up and enroll for Card Pesa, it may be the decision that changes your circumstance.
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