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Card Pesa
Card Pesa
Financial Inclusion.

Not all financial records are useful when evaluating whether or not to provide credit.

The most useful financial information for providing credit is that which shows a person's Character. (Whether they have taken credit before and how they repaid it) and Capacity (What kind of earnings or cashflows one has) which determines how much a financial institution can advance and for how long.

So just because you record your transactions in an app or a logbook or blockchain ledger will not in and of itself mean you will be able to access Credit.

So for as long as those who claim that they are championing Financial Inclusion platforms that don't effectively capture prospective clients Character or Capacity on the records they digitise on those platforms and do not have financial institutions that commit to use those records for assessing credit-worthiness then those platforms will always be White Elephants.

Financial Inclusion equals Access to Credit pure and simple everything else is Noise.
Card Pesa
Card Pesa
Digital finance in Layman's speak.

The speech below highlights what we are trying to achieve put plainly.

Whilst people focus on price sometimes it's about a life that can be saved through access to small credit lines.

It's not about the price it's about the opportunity cost.

And used responsibly digital finance will sort you out.

We have a long way to go to be able to reach the ordinary man most optimally but we have to start from somewhere and be sustainable so that when we save a life or business today we can do the same tomorrow.
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