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Card Pesa
We are not interested in What you Have.

We prefer to discuss and understand What you Earn.

So keep your collateral and tell us about your deal flow.
Card Pesa
Card Pesa
Digitally meeting clients needs like no other.

Today we are proud to announce that we have reached a milestone of being able to give a 1 week (7 day) loan at 8%.

We are aware that at times clients do not need money for the 30 days we give and this is our response to the many clients that have asked for it.

Just follow the instructions as shown in the photos below to be able to get to that option on *217*260#.

The same service will shortly also be accessible on our online platform at www.app.cardpesa.com.

We will also be updating both platforms to provide 3 months loans at 12% per month and 6 months loans at 10% per month shortly and details on how that works and who is eligible will be provided.

Thank you for your usual custom and we are grateful that through your custom and feedback we are able to make strides that no other digital lender in Uganda is able to provide
Card Pesa
Card Pesa
Sales Pipeline

The fastest way to get credit from our platform once you have demonstrated what kind of Credit Character you have is to show us your sales pipeline and show us that you have dealt with the clients before and show us how much you need to keep delivering and exceeding your clients expectations.

Our target is to look forward at how we build our clients Hustles and not major on past performance of the client.
Card Pesa
Card Pesa
The School Fees Economy

Anyone who knows anything about the seasonal cycles of the Ugandan economy knows that during school fees paying season business comes to a near standstill and most payments stall.

During this season working capital is diverted by all manner of entrepreneurs and business owners to first get the kids back to school and this eventually hinders small businesses ability to increase earnings.

Knowing this, Card Pesa has designed a product to help mitigate this situation.

During school fees paying season our clients will be offered the option of having us meet the payments of their kids directly to the school then given 3 months for them to repay the amount advanced.

To be eligible for this service you must have been on our platform for atleast 9 months and be in good standing and agree to use our new platform app.cardpesa.com
and pay using a bank card which will automatically deduct the monthly installment at no cost to the client when the monthly payment comes due.

We strongly believe that the paying of school fees is what drives enterprise in our country for we share the vision that most parents have that to secure the future of our children we should invest in their education.

This service though not directly part of providing working capital or emergency funds is seen as a social obligation to which we are not simply giving lip service but investing in the future of the children of our clients.

We as Card Pesa will continue to craft digital products that meet the needs of our clients and meaningfully build the society that we operate in so sign up at


Only signed up members will have the opportunity to take advantage of these offers as we continue to help customers fund their hustles.
Card Pesa
Card Pesa
Photographic Evidence.

When we as Card Pesa say we fund OpEx (Operational Expenses) as opposed to CapEx (Capital Expenditure) we are not simply providing lip service.

We are currently piloting our 2 year revolving collateral free advance with the entrepreneurs behind C25 Autocourier's.

We have partnered with them to try and effect a few contracts with their big multinational freight company clients to move large consignments from the Coast to South Sudan and the DRC.

We know that many an entrepreneur may have the assets to effect the contract but most if not all find challenges finding the capital to fuel the trucks, pay the taxes plus insurance and clear the equipment as they await future payment from their clients.

This is especially challenging when the assignment is bigger than they usual operating scale. You usually sell 3 cakes and get an order where the client wants 20 cakes.

That is how working with Card Pesa helps by bridging that gap to ensure that our clients execute and can earn more through credit.

We fund that critical expenditure without which the execution of the Hustle will not happen.

So we hedge our advances against what is seen as demonstrable future cashflows of our clients and these can simple be shown in photos like the ones below.

In a digital economy it is not hard to see that a client is producing 50 cakes as all they have to do is take the pictures of the cakes or the orders and we will then be able to verify and fund part of the operational expenses enabling the client to execute the assignment successfully.

Our goal or vision is to help indigenous enterprise or entrepreneurs be able to compete with the big boys on favourable terms.

Sign up with Card Pesa @ www.cardpesa.com/signup

We can only fund you to this scale or higher after ascertaining your credit Character based on how you perform on our platform for a minimum of 9 months.
Card Pesa
Card Pesa
We are proud to launch our online application www.app.cardpesa.com

This will work in tandem with our USSD platform *217*260# to service our clients better and provide a myriad of services.

Login using your mobile number as your username and your Card Pesa PIN as your password and explore the service.

The new platform is powered by Flutterwave INC. and enables clients to make online card payments (debit/credit) view their statements and change their PINs plus know their balances for now.

The online platform makes Card Pesa a versatile online money on demand credit provider with a system built with redundancy that will ensure that you will access the working capital and emergency advances for enrolled clients whenever you need them and instantaneously.

We are also planning to launch 3 month, 6 month and 1 to 2 year collateral free advances to clients who have been on our platform for more than 9 months and have demonstrated their Credit Culture or Credit Character and we are comfortable that they will be using the advances to grow their businesses or hustles.

Whilst initially we focused on short term 30 day working capital and emergency advances we are now seeking to help our clients grow their scale of operation to be able to expand their enterprises or hustles knowing that they need not have all the funds they require to fund production but have a partner in Card Pesa who will bridge that gap so that as they earn more through the use of credit they can 10x to 100x the scale of their Hustle.

As we have scaled our operations we now want to see and support our clients to scale theirs.
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