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How do we reduce costs of digital movement of funds or costs of interoperability.
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Describe your Hustle.

For us to be able to Fund your Hustle a client needs to be able to describe their Hustle so that we can break it down to its business model and once a model has been identified we can further break the Hustle down to its critical numbers also known to us as financials.

At Card Pesa during enrollment our goal is to ask a set of questions which bring out what a clients business model is so we can evaluate whether the numbers they are projecting from their Hustle are backed up by the documentation (third party / independent documents) that they provide.

In simple speak can the client demonstrate either through bank or mobile money statements that they are deriving the level of income or expending the amount of money that they claim they are making from the Hustle.

If so then we try to determine what the critical working capital spend is and see whether by increasing that spend through providing credit the client will earn enough from the Hustle to make a reasonable profit that would make it worthwhile for them for the extra effort and meet the cost of the credit received.

On a day to day basis most clients spend time describing the nature of the legal structure they have setup, who they are buying from and how much it will cost but do not show the most critical part to us which is who their customer is and the customers need that is unfulfilled currently.

Once a customer is described we can ascertain at what cost meeting that extra demand from them would be and whether it will yield additional profitability from the Hustle, all costs included.

So yes to us knowing what the legal structure and other considerations used to setup the Hustle is good but not in our view the most critical thing.

Show us the customer, demonstrate that you are unable to meet the current needs of your customer and to what level and in what time frame then it will be easier to Fund that need and grow your Hustle.

To us our number one goal is to fund growth of Hustles and to do that we need our clients to describe what their Hustle actually is by focusing on who it impacts and how.

So to describe your Hustle best you simply Describe your Customer.
Card Pesa
Card Pesa
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Card Pesa
Card Pesa
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Damali Ssali thanks for the mention and nailing our business philosophy and vision.

If you fund small business when its just a small hustle it eventually becomes big enterprise and thus grows the economy

Once everyone understands that and understands that as a nation we can solve our own problems from internally generated solutions then they will appreciate the need to start small and build.

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